Hoses, Fittings, Hydraulic, Pneumatics

inside storeFluidLine has emerged as a recognized name in the distribution and manufacturing of fluid connectors and motion control products. Our reputation and strength has been built on the concept that total customer satisfaction is achieved through an ongoing commitment to providing the very best quality, service, convenience and co-operation.

In recognition of the fact that our customers needs vary substantially from one day to the next, we have strived to develop the most comprehensive and diverse mix of products in the industry.


  • Huge four branch inventories with Parker Store easy access
  • 24 Hour Mobile Onsite Hose & Fitting Service
  • Air Conditioning Hoses made while you wait
  • D.O.T. approved Brake Lines made while you wait
  • Tube Assemblies up to 2”” O.D. made while you wait
  • Onsite Installations, Hydraulic and Pneumatic troubleshooting
  • Flanging, flaring and high pressure silver brazing
  • Metrics made easy
  • Cut and thread pipe to 4″ **NOW AVAILABLE**
  • Crimp up to 4″ **NOW AVAILABLE**
  • Pressure test hoses to 30,000 psi (CRN# / TSSA ALSO AVAILABLE)