Industrial Tube Fittings, Adapters and Equipment

The World Standard Industrial Tube Fittings, Adapters and Equipment Catalog 4300 August 2006 Metric & BSP sized products are available from: MARYLAND METRICS P.O. Box 261 Owings Mills, MD 21117 USA ph: (410)358-3130 (800)638-1830 fx: (410)358-3142 (800)872-9329 web: email: Why work your designs around parts somebody else designed, just because they’re available? We have an entire facility dedicated to delivering custom fittings, manufactured precisely to your specs or drawings and in record time – whether you need 2,000 or just that one-of-a-kind. Chances are it’ll cost less than you thought, too. So if you can’t find the right fitting, adapter or flange within this catalog, call 1-866-222-2267. Or e-mail inquiries regarding quotations to You’d be amazed at the cool stuff we can do together. Our snowflake principle. (Since no two applications are the same.) Parker Hannifin Corporation Tube Fittings Division Columbus, Ohio WARNING FAILURE OR IMPROPER SELECTION OR IMPROPER USE OF THE PRODUCTS AND/OR SYSTEMS DESCRIBED HEREIN OR RELATED ITEMS CAN CAUSE DEATH, PERSONAL INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. This document and other information from Parker Hannifin Corporation, its subsidiaries and authorized distributors provide product and/or system options for further investigation by users having technical expertise. It is important that you analyze all aspects of your application and review the information concerning the product or system in the current product catalog. Due to the variety of operating conditions and applications for these products or systems, the user, through its own analysis and testing, is solely responsible for making the final selection of the products and systems and assuring that all performance, safety and warning requirements of the application are met. The products described herein, including without limitation, product features, specifications, designs, availability and pricing, are subject to change by Parker Hannifin Corporation and its subsidiaries at any time without notice. Offer of Sale The items described in this document are hereby offered for sale by Parker Hannifin Corporation, its subsidiaries or its authorized distributors. This offer and its acceptance are governed by the provisions stated in the “Offer of Sale.” © Copyright 2006, Parker Hannifin Corporation, All Rights Reserved