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AC Variable Frequency Drives, HP Rated – AC15 Series | #15G-41-0040-BF
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The AC15 Compact Drive is a simple to use, reliable and economical solution for every-day motor control applications that require speed or torque control in the power range of 0.5HP to 40HP (0.37 kW to 30 kW). Its compact dimensions house features normally only associated with higher specification drives, including Safe Torque Off, Ethernet communications, sensorless vector mode for control of both Permanent Magnet (PMAC) and AC induction motors and a full 150 % overload for 1 minute, AC15 provides an optimized solution for OEM machine builders looking for a compact, cost-effective drive without compromising on performance.


• Easy to configure with free Parker DSELite software tool
• Onboard Ethernet port for programming and Modbus TCPIP communications
• Clear an intuitive keypad for local setup and control
• No complex options/configurators – all features available in the base inverter
• Wiring bracket (available separately) simplifies installation

Safety and Reliability:

• Conformally coated for harsh environment protection as standard
• Proven power stage design and technology
• Replaceable fans
• Safe Torque off : SIL2, PLd
• SD card slot for application backup


• Conveyors
• Fans
• Mixers
• Packaging Machines
• Textile Machines
• Strapping Machines
• Labelling Machines
• Industrial Washing Machines
• Machine Tool Spindles
• Roller Doors

Technical Specifications:

• Power range: 0.5HP - 40HP (.37kW – 30kW)
• Voltage range 230-480VAC
• Dedicated Thermistor input terminals
• 3 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs + 1 relay output
• Earth Leakage Current: >10 mA (all models)
• Product Enclosure Rating: IP20 (Europe)
• Maximum Switching Frequency: 10 kHz
• Output Frequency: 0-590 Hz
• Operating Humidity: Maximum 85 % relative humidity at 40 °C non-condensing
• Atmosphere: Non-flammable, non-corrosive and dust free


• Overvoltage Category : Overvoltage category III (numeral defining an impulse withstand level)
• Pollution Degree :Pollution Degree II
• Complies with the requirements of UL 61800-5-1 and CSA22.2#274-17 as an open-type drive
• Conforms with the Low Voltage Directive 2014/30/EU
• CE Marked in accordance with 2006/42/EC (EMC Directive)
• Complies with RoHS substance restrictions in accordance with EC Directive 2011/65/EU

Software features:
• Catching a spinning load - "fly-catching" : The fan control algorithms enable the AC15 to detect when a fan is free-wheeling and to regain control of it before running it at the commanded speed.
• PID Control : Multiple PID control loops can be programmed to monitor process variables and adjust the speed of the motor accordingly to achieve the required variable setpoint.
• Essential services (Fire mode) : Selected via digital input, Fire mode will cause the drive to run continuously at the maximum programmed speed ignoring all other control signals and alarm conditions.
• Energy Optimization : Under constant speed conditions, the motor power waveforms from the drive are optimized to reduce motor energy consumption without compromising performance.
• Skip Frequencies: Up to 4 speed and frequency bands can be programmed, to enable resonant points on the load to be avoided, reducing vibration, wear and noise.
• Programmable multi-stage speed control : 8 cyclable stages can be programmed with different running speeds and times.
• Process Timers : Multiple hours-run timers can be programmed to generate text alerts on the drive keypad to coincide with process maintenance intervals.
• 70 Software ‘function blocks’ that may be interconnected with up to 100 ‘links’ provide a powerful application platform.

Parker Drive DSELite Software:

Parker drive configuration software Drive System Explorer (DSE) Lite is an easy-to-use drive configuration software package, designed to make programming your application as simple as possible without compromising on functionality.

DSE Lite is based around a straightforward block programming and an intuitive user interface which supports user-defined configurations and offers real- time monitoring and charting. DSE Lite allows the user to create, parameterize and configure user defined applications as well as parameterize and connect fixed Motor Control blocks with up to 100 ‘links’

Thanks to the on-line help and pre-configured macro templates, users can achieve the optimum drive configuration without the need to navigate through complicated parameter menus.

Enhanced features of the AC15 include:

• High speed Ethernet connectivity
• Network scan feature
• Drive network identification
• Firmware installs over Ethernet
• Save a project to on-board Flash memory
• Compatibility with the AC30 Series Oscilloscope software.