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Assembly tools for EO assembly machines | #MOSI06LLX
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Parker AKL distance gauges are suitable for checking the pre-assembly result of PSR progressive rings. They are used on pre-assembled tubes before final installation. The green LED lights up when none of the following failures are detected:
• Excessive wear of MOK pre-assembly tools

• Excessive assembly force / pressure setting

• Failure of tube end to bottom in MOK assembly tool.

So an assembly check by KONU cone template can be invalid. The use of AKL distance gauges does not replace checking the bite (visible collar in front of the Progressive Ring).

Function: Distance gauge with LED indication

For checking of: Machine pre-assembly of Parker EO PSR Progressive Rings

Series: L/S

Tube OD: 6-38/42 mm

Dimensions: Length: approx. 130–160 mm

Front diameter: approx. 30–52 mm

Power: 2 × AA Mignon LR6 batteries (included)

Items supplied: Distance gauge with LED indication, batteries, master pattern and instructions, all in a plastic case.

Markets for AKL distance gauges:
• Workshops
• Mass production of hydraulic tube assemblies for mobile hydraulics and automotive and agricultural vehicles
• Commercial tube manipulators for hydraulic tube assemblies
• Inspection of incoming tube assemblies at the final installation plant
Features/ Benefits of the AKL distance gauge:
• Clear – In contrast to visual evaluation, the simple good/bad decision is obvious, even for less experienced operators.

• Economical – AKL distance gauges are fast in application. The production process is not noticeably slower compared with other testing methods.

• Result-oriented – In comparison with examining the tools using the AKL method, the assembly result is examined. Thus “Failure of tube end to bottom” is also detected.

• Practical – The gauges are light, handy and easy and can be fastened with an eyelet. Standard batteries are used giving the possibility of a long working life.

• Safe – The measuring head consists of high-grade steel and is not adjustable or detachable. A master pattern for regular functional testing is shipped with each AKL gauge.

• Innovative – For customers of prefabricated hydraulic tubes, it has not so far been easy to inspect the assembly quality of incoming goods. Thus incorrect assemblies, which are caused by the use of worn pre-assembly tools, have often remained undiscovered. With AKL distance gauges, efficient and effective inspection of incoming goods can be achieved, allowing pro-active quality management with the participation of the tube supplier.