Hydraulic testers SCLV / SensoControl | #K-SCFTT-150-DRV-C2-05
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Measurement of pressure, temperature and flow
Special features:
• Easy to use in both flow directions; integrated oil bypass protects the system, testing device and operator from surge pressures
• User-selectable flow direction enables smooth connection and simple measuring
• Can be put into use quickly with pumps, valves, motors, cylinders and hydrostatic drives

The hydraulic testers are designed for testing the functionality of motors, pumps, valves and hydrostatic drives. These easy-to-use hydraulic testers can help locate faults in a hydraulic system.
These hydraulic testers can be used for precisely measuring pressure, temperature and flow. The testers are also helpful when performing hydraulic system maintenance, locating error sources on directional control valves and making valve adjustments.
The pressure-load valve with its integrated bypass-blowout discs makes it possible to build up pressure progressively in order to check the flow in an entire working area.
Integrated safety shut-off (blow-out discs)
The load valve is fitted with two safety blow-out discs. The device is protected by this safety mechanism. These discs break and the load valve becomes inactive whenever the maximum permitted operating pressure (Pmax) is exceeded. The complete flow then runs off to the tank. Read the operating manual carefully before replacing the blow-out discs.

Features / Advantages:
• Pressure, temperature and flow measuring device
• 2 measuring ranges of up to 750 l/min
• High-pressure-resistant up to 480 bar
• Integrated overload protection
• Reverse-mode operation (direction of flow A - B)
• Also with CAN bus connection
• CAN version with integrated temperature sensor

• Mobile hydraulic

• Motors
• Pumps
• Valves
• Hydrostatic drives