ISO 6162-1/2 SAE Flange Accessory Components | #PAGL108M10CF
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4 bolt flange connection ISO 6162-1/2 (SAE J518 Code 61/62) and ISO 6164 is a proven leak-free connection, especially suited for larger sizes. As a result, it has achieved worldwide acceptance. The connection’s success is in its simplicity. The static O-ring seal is compressed between the bottom of the groove in the flange head and the flat surface of the port or flange pad, providing a reliable soft seal. High grade bolts ensure the holding power for dynamic applications up to 420 bar.

• Environment
• Industrial
• Machine Tools
• Marine
• Materials Handling
• Mobile Industries
• Power Generation
• Press Building

• Suitable for general hydraulic and industrial applications.

This simple design provides several advantages over threaded port connections, such as NPT, SAE, BSPP, ISO 6149 etc., in larger sizes:
• Ability to connect tube fittings connection systems to SAE port systems
• Much lower tightening torque required from the four bolts compared to equivalent fitting assembly torques
• Less tightening torque means smaller wrenches and wrench swing clearances – providing ease of assembly in
tight working environment.
• Single seal point between tube/pipe/hose assembly and the port