LevelController SCLSD / SensoControl | #SCLSD-520-00-07-MA
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The LevelController combines the functions of a level switch, a level sensor and a level display.
• Level display (inspection glass)
• Switching outputs
• Analogue signal
The LevelController is ideal for the monitoring of tank contents.

Easy to use
The parameters are set using the keys or over a programming module.

High functionality. Each switching output can be adjusted individually:
• NO/NC contact
• Upper and lower level switching point
• Delay times
• Hysteresis / window function
• Attenuation

The analogue output is individually adjustable:
• 0/4...20 mA switchable
• Upper level adjustable
• Lower level adjustable

Reliable and safe
The position of the float is finely (≥ 5 mm) and continuously recorded and shown in the display in mm or inch. Through this continuous recording, the danger of individual mechanical contacts "sticking" no longer exists. Therefore the operational reliability of the monitored plant is increased. Parameters can be password protected to avoid unauthorised changes.

Everything at a glance
The display can be read from long distances. Using the selectable percent display the full level is uniformly displayed independent of the tank shape. An offset can also be entered (difference from the sensor to the tank bottom) to give a realistic indication of the level from the tank bottom. Different uses can easily be implemented or corrected at a later date using the menudriven level switching points. As the switching point no longer needs to be specified at the time of order, the versions of mechanical level switches required is reduced.

Thanks to these easy switching functions (hysteresis and window functions, NC or NO functions), intelligent adjustments can be set which are normally not possible using a mechanical level switch. Therefore, many switches can be replaced with one controller. With the optional analogue output, the level and temperature can be monitored easily with a controller (e.g. for leakage monitoring).

Features / Advantages:
• Proven measuring system
• Level display
• mm / inch / % display
• High and low display
• Analogue output
• Switching outputs
• No surge pipe necessary
• Replacement for several mechanical switches
• Pivoting

• Industrial

• Monitoring tank contents