Crimp Fittings – No-Skive

Medium Pressure Parkrimp No-Skive Fittings – 46 Series | #1JS46-12-12
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Parker's Parkrimp No-Skive medium pressure fittings - 46 series - are permanent, crimp style hydraulic fittings that allow a quick assembly with our family of Parkrimp crimpers. Assembly of No-Skive hose and fittings does not require removal of the outer cover of the hose. This eliminates premature hydraulic hose failure caused by skiving too long or short. 46 series fittings have chromium-6-free plating and are used with Parker wire braided hydraulic hoses such as Elite No-Skive with standard, tough or super tough cover, No-Skive Compact water cleaning hoses, No-Skive Compact Rail Hoses with fire retardant cover, No-Skive Compact Twin Constant Pressure hoses with tight bend radius and a lot more.
Parker Hannifin also meets the requirements of SAE J1273 and ISO 17165-2, which pay particular attention to matching the hose with the fittings and to their compatibility proven by the manufacturer.

· Construction Equipment
· Injection Moulding
· Transportation
· Forestry and Agriculture
· Materials Handling
· Pulp and Paper  

·  Matched hose und fitting system guarantees an approved and safe combination  and the highest quality and safety
   combined with the longest service life of the final product to the end-users.  
· No-Skive technology offers the easiest and most efficient and safe production process to the assemblers.

· All construction equipment machines
· Large injection moulding machines   
· Agriculture and forestry machines  
· Container handling machines
· High pressure cleaners
· Paper machines

Parker Parkrimp medium pressure fittings - 46series are compatible with the following hoses:
· 441 and 441RH
· 461LT
· 462, 462CLF, 462TC and 462ST
· 463
· 492 and  492ST
· 692 and 692Twin