Plastic Tubing

Multitube® Plastic Tubing Bundles | #14PJ-E0440
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Parflex Division Multitube® Bundles are available in a variety of bundle configurations. Bundled tubing is an ideal alternative for applications where multiple lengths of tubing are currently being installed independently. Bundled tubing typically will save space within cabled trays, reduce the overall installation cost and offer protection to the individual tubes while being routed throughout a plant. The standard jacketing material is black, 105°C-rated, flame-resistant PVC that offers tough protection against corrosive environments, water, oils, acids and alkaline chemicals, allowing the bundles to operate successfully under many different conditions.

• Industrial Plant
• Robotics
• Laboratory

• Available in a variety of plastic tubing materials and bundle configurations
• Saves space within cable trays
• Reduces overall installation costs
• Offers protection to individual tubes while being routed throughout the plant

• Instrumentation