OBSOLETE: Pressure Sensor SCP01 / SensoControl | #SCP01-250-34-07-MA
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The SCP01 pressure sensor was designed to meet industrial
requirements and is used in control, regulating and
monitoring systems.
The SCP01 is characterised by its compact design, high
linearity and excellent interference immunity. It is suitable
for quick control solutions because of its fast response
speed. The compact stainless steel housing is good for
harsh environmental conditions. All components which
come into contact with the substance are made from
stainless steel. This feature, combined with the welded,
thin-layer measuring cell, ensure optimal compatibility with
the substance.

• Energy
• Environment
• Industrial
• Infrastructure
• Machine Tools
• Materials Handling
• Power Generation
• Process

• General machine construction
• Injection-mould machines
• Die-casting machines
• Press construction
• Test benches
• Machine tool

Features / Advantages:
• Small design
• Stainless steel measuring cell
• Stainless steel housing
• Shock and vibration proof
• Wide range of compatible substances
• High linearity
• Long-term stability
• Substance temperature -40...125 °C
• Pressure range up to 1000 bar
• High burst pressure
• Response time 1 ms
• Eroding milling
• Encapsulated electronics