Parflange F37 Non-Weld Flare Flange Connection | #F37-308-25X3.0TTCF
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The Parflange F37 flanged connector system is utilising the orbital tube forming technology for tubing assemblies from 16 to 273 mm (1/2" to 10" Flanges) outside diameter. It is intended for tube wall thickness up to 9 mm and pressure ratings up to 420 bar. For those connections without the possibility to assemble a pre-flared tube or where manufacturing is limited, Parker provides the F37 Retaining Ring System. This System utilizes a Retaining Ring for flange retention along with a highly-engineered seal carrier for leak free performance. It is available as a high pressure version from 1 1/2" to 10" and as a newly developed SAE 1000 (50-70 bar) version. The Parflange F37 system corresponds to hole patterns according to ISO 6162-1; SAE J518; bore pattern 3000 (code 61), ISO 6162-2; bore pattern 6000 (code 62) and also ISO 6164 bore pattern. It is type approved by DNV, ABS and other major classification companies.

• Marine
• Offshore
• Industrial Heavy Machinery
• Machine Tools
• Materials Handling
• Mobile Industries
• Power Generation
• Press Building
• Environment

• Hydrogen


Innovative Sealing Solutions
The F37 seal was developed especially for use with SAE flanges. These special seals guarantee high stability of form. Compared to standard O-Rings, their mechanical properties prevent gap extrusion, even when the flanges ”breathe” under pressure. The special profile of the F37 seal is ideally adapted to higher pressures or unsuitable surface finish of the flanges. As an alternative, connectors can be equipped with bonded seal rings.

Complete range for virtually all diameters
The F37 system complements the EO-2 soft sealing technology for small tube diameters; it also complements the proven Parflange programme for the SAE product range. It offers the complete range of connectors, flange-to-flange, L-and T-Block connectors, flange-to-port, male and female thread flanges, flange bends, reducer flanges, ball valves, bulkhead flanges and manifolds on request.

The F37-Programme – a savings programme
F37 is the way to reduce manufacturing times enormously. By comparing welded connections with Parker flange connector systems, significant opportunities for cost savings become immediately obvious. The typical process of tube welding consist of the following steps:

1. Cutting and deburring tubes
2. Tube preparation for the connecting process
3. Welding and/or assembling
4. Inspection (X-ray) of welded connectors
5. Flushing the connected tubes
6. Applying corrosion protection

In comparison with this, weld-free tube forming save time and costs. Expensive cleaning and X-raying of the tube connector become immediately things of the past. The manufacturing time for a tube connector quickly reduces by more than half in comparison with conventional welding. Parker flange connector systems accommodate high requirements, especially those from the offshore industry, shipbuilding, heavy machinery construction and press manufacture, as well as from mining, recycling plants and mobile machinery; overall in power piping systems.

Personnel and environment-friendly
By comparing the individual operations for a welded line with Parker flanges connected lines, significant cost savings opportunities become immediately obvious. No vapours putting health at risk are released, in contrast to conventional welding processes. Consequently, usage is possible in locations with high requirements such as, for example, offshore oil platforms. In addition to this flaring machine design errors in the preparation of flanges are virtually unknown. Stress corrosion cracking generated during welding operations is history and the life of the finished tubing system is increased. Cold formed Parflange technologies save power and energy compared to welding and require neither degreasers nor anti-corrosion agents. When galvanized tubes are used, post-galvanization can be omitted because the zinc-coating is not impaired by flaring. Parker flange connector components are delivered in state of the art Cr(VI)-free surfaces.

Features, advantages and benefits

No welding
- Reduced preparation time per joint
- No costly inspection of welds (X-ray)

No post-weld cleaning
- No acid cleaning costs
- No waste cleaning costs
- No safety risk
- Environmentally friendly

No welding stress corrosion possible
- Maximum piping lifetime
- Reduced maintenance costs

No „hot work“ permit required
- Operation can take place in areas with fire risk without interruption of production
- Reduced downtime costs
- Higher level of safety

Work shop prefabrication
- High quality joints with better accuracy due to workshop conditions
- Minimized need for on-site work
- Shorter installation time
- Shorter maintenance/downtime
- Shorter total project time

- Minimized need for repair and replacement of hydraulic system components such as pumps, cylinders,…
- Reduced overall flushing time and costs

Easy dismantling and reassembling
- Quicker, easier and more flexible installation
- Reduced downtime costs for maintenance and repair