SCVF volume counter | #SCVF-300-10-07
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Gear counter for highly accurate flow rate measurements in hydraulic systems

The SCVF geared counter functions as a volume flow meter. A very precisely crafted pair of geared wheels is driven by the fluid flow. The SCVF works over a wide viscosity range. Different seals permit usage in many different applications.

Unique product features:
• Measurement principle: Volume/geared counter
• Eight measurement ranges from 0.01 - 2 to 1 - 300 l/min
• Accuracy ± 0.5 % FS
• Withstands pressures up to 400 bar (5802 psi)
• High viscosity range
• Low noise
• Exact flow rate measurement over a wide viscosity range
• Versatile usage for different substances

• Industrial

Due to the wide viscosity range, any liquid can be meas¬ured that can be pumped and has a certain degree of lubricating capability.
• Brake fluid (EPDM seal)
• Skydrol
• Mineral oils
• Hydraulic oil and
• Grease

The SCVF is the ideal solution when carrying out precise flow rate measurements over a wide viscosity range.