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Seal-Lok O-Ring Face Seal Tube Fittings and Adapters | #16 WJLO-WLNL-S
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Parker's O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) Tube Fittings and Adapters, Seal-Lok, meet or exceed the requirements of both SAE J1453 and ISO 8434-3 and have international acceptance. O-ring face seal fittings offer zero clearance, resistance to over torque and vibration resistance making it an ideal reusable hydraulic fitting solution across many markets. Seal-Lok tube fittings and adapters come in steel and stainless steel. Parker's Trap-Seal for ORFS improves customer experience by eliminating potential hydraulic leaks caused by O-ring fall-out and O-ring pinch during assembly. This provides customers a competitive advantage while leading to reduced overall cost.

• Construction
• Military Ground Systems
• Aerial Lift
• Agriculture
• Material Handling
• Military Marine
• Machine Tool
• Transportation
• Alternative Energy
• Off-Shore/Oil & Gas

• Highly resistant to over-torque, withstanding 200% torque above the rated value without any damage to the fitting, creating unlimited reusability.
• Flat sealing surface allows for zero clearance installation.
• Suitable for a wide range of wall thicknesses and are adaptable to inch tube, metric tube and hose.
• Patented Trap-Seal design provides optimal seal retention in ORFS CORG groove and prevents seal pinch during assembly.
• Patent-pending FastSeal connection technology is new way to make fast, leak-free ORFS tube connections without the need for brazing or flanging equipment. Only a wrench and tube is needed. FastSeal is available under the Seal-Lok Nut selection option. See the Product Support tab for more information on FastSeal.
• Steel fittings come standard with ToughShield Plus plating which substantially exceeds the SAE corrosion hour requirements for red rust, lasting up to 3,000 hours without red rust as found by an independent test facility (tested to ASTM B117/ISO 9227). This enhanced performance provides customers with a competitive advantage through less downtime and extended equipment life, leading to increased revenues and reduced warranty costs.
• Parker's Robust Port Stud on adjustable ports is manufactured with a longer locknut virtually eliminating washer damage and potential leaks, as well as making assembly virtually mistake-proof. This feature improves customer internal efficiencies and reduces rework costs resulting from backup washer damage commonly seen with traditional SAE adjustable port ends in the market.
• Offered in steel and stainless steel in sizes 1/4" through 2” with working pressures up to 9200 psi.

• Hydraulic fluid and gas handling connections