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Soft Seat, In Line Hydraulic Check Valves – S6C and 3C Series | #3C24EF-EF15A
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S6C and 3C Series Hydraulic Check Valves (up to 6,000 psi) are in line, soft seat, zero leakage poppet check valves with a two piece construction. The two piece construction allows for a variety of end fitting combinations.

These check valves have various standard crack pressures and flow rates up to 175 gpm. The S6C and 3C Series valves are available in a range of sizes and steel or stainless steel materials for flow capacities up to 175 gpm.

Check valves are important components that are often overlooked when building a fluid system. A check valve can optimize system performance in the following ways:

• Ensure hydraulic fluid flows in only one direction

• Eliminate potential damage from back pressure

• Isolate sections of a system or system components

Basic check valve construction consists of a valve body with an inlet and an outlet port. Inside, a moveable poppet valve is controlled by spring pressure. In most cases the valve is normally closed, opening when the fluid pressure is greater than the spring force (crack pressure), thus allowing the fluid to flow in only one way. When reverse flow attempts to enter though the outlet the poppet closes and flow through the valve is stopped.

Soft seat check valves have an O-ring or similar elastomeric seal between the poppet and body for improved leak resistance. The soft seat design is most compatible with ""clean” systems and is not indented for use in systems that have high surge flow. The seal material dictates the temperature range of the valve.

Technical Characteristics:

• Sizes: 1/4”to 2”

• Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass

• Seal Material: Fluorocarbon

• Standard Crack Pressures (psi): 5, 15, 25, 65

• Inlet Port Ends: Male NPT, Male 37 degree flare, Male Face Seal, Female NPTF, Female SAE, Female British Parallel BS 2779

• Outlet Port Ends: Male NPT, Female NPTF, Female SAE, Male SAE 37 degree Flare, Male Face Seal, Female British Parallel BS 2779

• Optional crack pressures available

• Orificed valve option

• Custom shapes and configurations

Note: Some options may not be standard configurations. Please contact the Quick Coupling Division for availability and delivery.


• Industrial

• Construction

• Agriculture

• Transportation



• Allows the fluid to flow in only one direction (one way valves), protecting the system from fluid back pressure

• Soft seated valve creates a leak free seal

• Fluorocarbon seal is standard

• Optional crack pressures are available on request

• Optional orificed valve allows metered flow when the valve is closed. Orifice bore size is determined by application requirements.

• Custom shapes and configurations can integrate special features to reduce the number of components and potential leak points in a system


• Industrial, mobile, and construction equipment

• Restrictor Check Circuit

• High/Low Pump Circuit

• Slow Advance/Rapid Return Circuit

• Oil Cooler By-Pass Circuit

• Sequence Circuit

• Pilot Pressure Circuit

• Accumulator Circuit