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VP-750 Portable Dust Collector | #VP-0750-C31USS
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The Parker VP-750 Portable Filtration Unit is a mobile self contained source capture extraction system for intermittent use and can reach up to 750 CFM. The XA extraction arm hood is positioned in the work zone to capture and remove dust, smoke, fumes and process emissions such as welding or cutting fume at the particulate generation source before they enter the workers breathing zone, the immediate workspace or ambient work environment. The VP-750 unit can be equipped with a 6 inch XA extraction arm of 7, 10 or 12 feet. The VP Portable Filtration unit is a type of engineering control mechanism that is considered a LEV or Local Exhaust Ventilation product where it is positioned near the process or source of dust, fume or particulate generation and designed to capture, extract and filter the air of any process particulate that may become entrained and suspended in the air. Capturing pollutants at the source is the most effective way to protect workers in the area and prevent dust from migrating or drifting into other areas of the workplace. Typical applications include the extraction of welding and cutting fume, soldering, bulk powders and other miscellaneous dusts. The Parker VP Portable Filtration units are constructed with mild steel and are fully powder coated to protect from the harsh industrial production environments. The VP series is available is available in 1 HP and voltages including 115V/1P/60H and 230V/1P/60H. On board are the controls for fan operation, a filter pressure indicator and manual or automatic filter pulse cleaning system using an outside compressed air source that is plugged into the unit. There are several filtration medias available including HEPA and carbon after filters to handle the most difficult dust and particulates.